Board and Committees

Pastor: Rev. Lenroy C. S. Pascall
Secretary: Janet Davis-Josephs
Treasurer: Miriam Hunte
Sunday School Superintendent: Grace Duruaku
Nazarene Youth International: Shannon Ifill
Nazarene Missions International: Tamara Lazarus-Jones
    Courtney Josephs-   Chairperson
    Grantley Hunte
    Langstan Ifill
    Peter Wharton

    Peaches Clarke - Chairperson
    Cisline Elliston  
    Doreen Remekie
    Willard Afflick


Ministers: Exec. Pastor Thelma Marshall, Asst. Pastor Dr. Theresa L. Brown, Monica Dixon, Richard Best, Lorna Rice, Rev. Lawrence Mitchell, Reverend Dr. Lynn Roberts, Rev. James Roberts Sr., Peter Wharton, Lenmarie Pascall, & Tamara Lazarus Jones

Board of Property: Langstan Ifill (Chairperson), Peter Wharton, Valerie McGeary, Courtney Josephs, Nigel Sampson, Michael Stephenson & Willard Afflick, Rev. James Roberts, Nicholas DeSormeaux, Rev. Lenroy Pascall, ex-officio

Transportation/ Maintenance: Courtney Josephs (Chairperson), Willard Afflick, & Richard Thaxter.

Drivers: Langstan Ifill, Willard Afflick, Webster Josephs.

Offertory Counters: Ronald Holford(Chairperson), Nicole Shallow-Roberts, Cheryl Afflick,  Mechele Flavius, Gaye Callendar,  Peaches Clarke,  & Pat Tyndale.

Finance & Budgetary Committee: Pastor Lenroy Pascall, Nicole Shallow-Roberts, Miriam Hunte (Chairperson), Courtney Josephs, Grantley Hunte, & Thalia Wilson-Palmer.
 Pastoral Care Committee: Bradley Jones (Chairperson), Claudette Marshall, Doreen Remekie, Yvonne Simpson.

 Prayer Ministry: Committee: Pastor Lenroy Pascall, Exec. Pastor Thelma Marshall (Chairperson), Assoc. Pastor Dr. Theresa L. Brown, Ronald Holford, Min. Monica Dixon, Keisha Cephas, & Maisie Beckford, Doreen Remekie, Peaches Clarke, Cisline Elliston. 

Intercessory Group: Exec. Pastor Thelma Marshall, Min. Monica Dixon, Min. Lorna Rice, Assoc. Pastor Dr. Theresa  L. Brown, Sisters Keisha Cephas, & Maisie Beckford.  

Small Groups: Min. Lorna Rice

Home Cell Leaders: Jennifer Sampson, Min. Peter Wharton, Doreen Remekie, Noreen Sandy & Thelma Marshall.  

 Evangelism, Discipleship, and Membership: Exec. Pastor Thelma Marshall, Assoc. Pastor Dr. Theresa L. Brown, Lenmarie Pascall,  Rev. Lawrence Mitchell, Doreen Remekie, Lorna Rice, & Shena Robinson. 

 Ushers & Greeters:  Cheryl Afflick and Beryl Ifill.

 Communications Committee: Ken-Neil Monteith (Chairperson), Rev. Lenroy Pascall, Ann-Marie Pascall, Reverend Dr. Lynn Roberts, Renee Harper, Mechele Barclay, Shannon Ifill, Courtney Josephs, and Thalia Wilson-Palmer.

Cultural Evening Committee: Cheryl Afflick (Chairperson), Dawn Thaxter (Co-Chairperson), Celia Brown, Winsome Tomlin-Stephenson, Janice Charles, Ann Marie Pascall,  Peter Wharton, Claudette Marshall, Ronald Holford, and Jennifer Sampson.

Long Range Planning & Development Committee: Pastor Pascall,  Rev. James Roberts, Peter Wharton, Langstan Ifill, and Michael Stephenson, Nigel Sampson. & Willard Afflick

Compassionate Ministries: Pat Tyndale (Chairperson), Noreen Sanderson, Nancy Savage, Janice Stevens & Hillary Webb

Delegates To The Assembly -- 2019

  1. Beryl Ifill
  2. Lenmarie Pascall
  3. Assoc. Pastor Dr. Theresa L. Brown
  4. Exec. Pastor Thelma Marshall
  5. Grace Duruaku (Sunday School Ministries)
  6. Shannon Ifill (NYI Unfinished Ministry)
  7. Tamara Lazarus Jones(NMI Ministry)
  8. Kenneil Monteith

Alternates To District Assembly -  2019

  1. Willard Afflick
  2. Courtney Josephs

 Mark 11:22 (NKJ)
So Jesus answered and said to them, "Have faith in God.
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News & Events


Sunday Services
8 am, 10:30 am, and 12:30 pm
Sunday School  9:30 am

Bible Study
Tuesdays 7 pm

Prayer Meetings
Wednesdays 7 pm

Youth Meeting (NYI)
Fridays 7:30 pm

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